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New Doctor Web project offers arsenal against Trojan.Winlock

January 22, 2010

Doctor Web launches a new project aiming to gather in one place ll information about the dangerous family of Trojans blocking access to Windows (Trojan.Winlock) In the dedicated section of Doctor Web’s site users can find out an unlock code and exchange most up-to-date information about this piece of malware.

Under its new project Doctor Web collects all the data that may help users fallen victims of Trojans that block access to Windows.

In recent months such Trojans have been spreading in large numbers over the Internet and brought their author a huge profit. Victims are ordinary users tricked by criminals into sending paid SMS.

With the new Doctor Web’s project users will be able to determine which version of Trojan.Winlock compromised their system and get an unlock code free of charge.

They will also be able to exchange information about new modifications of the Trojan that can’t be neutralized by some anti-viruses and to share unlock codes for latest versions of the malware.

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