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Dr.Web AV-Desk, first deployments in Austria

December 24, 2009

The relevance of anti-virus security as a service provided on a subscription basis to small and medium businesses is confirmed by new deployments of Dr.Web AV-Desk outside Russia. Two Austrian companies at a time — Ilongo and RCS-Technology — expanded their range of available services by adding the Dr.Web anti-virus to the list thus gaining extra benefits for themselves and for their customers.

Ilongo and RCS-Technology run different businesses: the first company provides marketing services while the second one delivers system solutions. However, they have one thing in common – a large number of small and medium business customers that don’t have sufficient resources to solve some of their tasks. With Dr.Web AV-Desk one of such tasks – establishments and maintenance of a reliable security system – is now accomplished. A subscription to the Dr.Web anti-virus service allows customers to forget about cyber-threats once and for all leaving the anti-virus care to the renown Russian anti-virus. Yet companies that use the SaaS model to expand their list of services in their turn are very likely to expand their client base as well.

“In addition to our main business – online marketing services – we can now offer our customers protection of their information on a subscription basis. Such a combination of services can be quite interesting for small and medium businesses.”, Andreas Gstrein, the head of Ilongo said.

The head of RCS-Technology Rene Sepanek also stressed the necessity of an IT security service. He was particularly impressed by the outstanding scalability of the Internet service. “Dr.Web AV-Desk can ensure reliable anti-virus protection for small companies as well as for large telecom providers. The exceptional scalability of the solution combined with user-friendly administration tools and time-proven anti-virus engine served as decisive arguments in favour of adding the Dr.Web anti-virus service to our portfolio”, Rene Sepanek said.

“Flexibility and scalability of the solution makes it a perfect choice for any service provider. With our Internet service providers can find their way to new segments of the IT market and keep up with present-day demands. Trends in development of malware are volatile and Dr.Web AV-Desk provides us great potential to counter them", Ralph Kreter, the Doctor Web Deutschland GmbH manager said.

About Dr.Web AV-Desk

Doctor Web was the first anti-virus vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market.

Deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk allows subscribers of a service provider to use Dr.Web anti-virus as a service: choose a desired subscription period, renew their subscription automatically and therefore plan how much they are going to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy management of a subscription for home users and business customers. Dr.Web AV-Desk was released by Doctor Web in 2007. The number of service providers that deliver the Dr.Web anti-virus service in different regions of Russia and also in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Estonia is reaching 170. Following results shown by the service in 2007 it was named the best product-service by PC Magazine Russia. In September 2008 Dr.Web AV-Desk was awarded the large golden medal of the Siberian Fair as an original technical and telecom solution.


RCS-TECHNOLOGY was founded in 1999 by Rene Stepanek and quickly became a recognized player on the IT market in Austria.

At the very start the company was focused on provision of IT services. Later on it added Internet services to its area of interest and put a lot of effort in improving IT competency of its customers (WIFI St. Pölten and Fachhochschule St. Pölten).

In 2004 the company started developing software for its customers. In recent years software development has become one of its primary activates.

Today RCS-TECHNOLOGY has a team of solid professionals capable of meeting any customer demands.

About ilongo

Ilongo develops high quality customized solutions for direct Internet marketing. The company offers top-class products and technical support to its customers. Ilongo also has years of experience in providing managed e-mail services.

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