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Doctor Web releases single-user Dr.Web solutions supporting 64-bit versions of Windows

December 23, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced the release of its single-user solutions for Windows supporting the x64 architecture. The software products come to users with the refined SpIDer Guard resident monitor, a number of additional features and the new look and feel.

Updated SpIDer Guard enables Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows to support all features of the latest operating systems from Microsoft. The new mini-filter technology improves compatibility of SpIDer Guard with operating systems and third-party applications. Improved interaction between SpIDer Guard and the anti-virus engine contributed to increased scanning efficiency and more stable operation of the file monitor.

Other components of anti-virus software have also been improved.

The self-protection module maintaining security of components of an anti-virus run under Windows Vista SP1 64 and later has been upgraded.

Dr.Web solutions for workstations also feature a centralized quarantine and quarantine management tools. The Infected! folder has been replaced with a secure storage that supports encryption, logging and data backup. The special graphical interface allows users to control quarantined objects.

The updated e-mail monitor SpIDer Mail know working directly over the Scan Engine module has become faster and more efficient.

Now the anti-virus can also block launching of unknown malicious programs from removable data storage device that can be started using autorun.inf – the technique used by many viruses including Win32.HLLW.Shadow.based.

The look and feel of the anti-virus has also changed – now users can enjoy the freshly designed user interface. Developers also optimized the configuration process. In particular the log settings can now be configured much quicker using a slider.

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