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«Ertelecom» is providing Dr.Web information security services to its customers in Penza

January 30, 2008

Ertelecom CJSC, a leading ISP in the Russian city of Penza starts delivering Dr.Web information security services to its customers.

The number of Internet threats is huge and hundreds of new viruses emerge every day.  Most customers of the provider don't have licenced security software installed on their computers, those who actually have amount to 5% only of the total number of customers.  Meanwhile it s a home PC without a protection from intrusion  which is turned into a  zombie machine by Trojan programmes and becomes the most efficient tool to spread malware all over the World Wide Web.

"Nowadays many users are not computer-educated. Being a provider-company, we are committed to provide reliable protection of information stored on computers of our customers.  Ertelecom CJSC  under the "" brand name has become the first ISP in Penza that delivers such a service to its customers thus protecting our users from viral threats. All subscribers of may use the anti-virus protection service by Doctor Web, Ltd. free of charge for two months. After that a customer is free to get a paid subscription at an extremely low price of 59 rubles (about 2.45 USD) per month" - says Peter Buzin, Ertelecom CJSC executive officer.

Dr.Web anti-virus service is delivered to all customers of who subscribe to the service free of charge starting on 01.25.2008 until 03.25.2008. During this period  every customer may subscribe to the service in his or her private area.  After an activation  one will be sent a download link to Dr.Web installer. The executable file will install the application and establish a connection with an anti-virus server of Ertelecom CJSC so the Dr.Web agent (installed on the customer PC) will receive virus database and programme modules updates.  The agent will be monitoring all file related operations, scan RAM and boot sectors and filter mail messages for viruses and spam. The monthly fee includes updating virus databases and programme modules. 

Using the new service has  many  unquestionable benefits:

  • subscribers do not spend time searching for a solution  to protect their computers from viruses;
  • a service fee is included in a provider bill which also saves time;
  • unlike a box product the service duration options are from 1 up to 36 months. A customer can invest in anti-virus protection more efficiently and suspend the service if away on vacation or on a long business trip

The new service  makes  the broadband Internet connection provided by Ertelecom CJSC safe and free of viruses and spam.  Starting from March 26, 2008 a  monthly subscription fee for  protection  from viruses and Spam  will amount to  59 rubles (about 2.45 USD) for all sbuscribers of, which is much cheaper than buying a box anti-virus.

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