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Dr.Web wouldn’t crack

November 9, 2009

The Dr.Web anti-virus from Doctor Web turned out to be the only one out of 7 widely used anti-virus programs that wouldn’t give in to participants of the International Alternative Workshop on Aggressive under the aegis of the ESIEA.

The first (International Alternative Workshop on Aggressive Computing and Security was held on October 23-25 in Laval, France. As a part of the event seven anti-viruses were tested to determine if their self-protection could be disabled in sixty minutes. Anti-viruses were tested on Windows machines and testers had administrator’s privileges in the systems. For more information about the testing visit ESIEA’s web-site.

The test showed that self-protection of anti-viruses from such vendors as Kaspersky Lab and Eset could be disabled in 40 and 33 minutes respectively while the defence mechanism of Norton Antivirus would break much sooner, in 4 minutes. The McAfee anti-virus was the quickest to fall and surrendered to testers in 2 minutes. AVG and G Data anti-virus solutions also failed to pass the test. Russian Dr.Web turned was the only anti-virus that wasn’t disabled in sixty minutes. All vendors that participated in the testing received information about vulnerabilities found in their products.

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