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Dr.Web for Symbian beta released

October 16, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web comes with the good news for users of Sony Ericsson and Nokia smart phones: the new anti-virus product Dr.Web for Symbian has finally hit beta. This application based on the Dr.Web anti-virus scanner provides reliable anti-virus and anti-spam protection for mobile phones running Symbian.

Dr.Web for Symbian can perform a full anti-virus scan of a file system or check selected files and folders (including files and directories on removable memory cards). The anti-virus handles malicious programs very quickly – mwalware is deleted or quarantined. Upon completion of scanning the program provides the user with a detailed report.

One of the most notable features of Dr.Web for Symbian is its black and white lists for filtering short messages and phone calls. With the lists you can avoid unwanted contacts and protect yourself from fraudsters.

Regular updating over the Internet will help keep virus definitions up to date. The user-friendly interface allows customizing operation of the anti-virus as you see fit. The context help available in any window of Dr.Web for Symbian will help you quickly get the hang of the ins and outs of the anti-virus.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web for Symbian. In order to take part in the testing you need to provide Doctor Web developers with the IMEI number of your device running Symbian OS. Your device's IMEI is required to crate a signature for the anti-to ensure that a legitimate installation is performed on your device. Without such a signature the program won’t install on your phone. In order to view your IMEI dial *#06#. The application distribution file will be updated on weekly basis upon receipt of IMEI from users willing to give Dr.Web for Symbian a try.

You can provide all the information required to participate in the beta-testing at the registration page. Terms of Doctor Web privacy policy can be found here.

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