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Dr.Web CureNet! comes to the rescue when others fail

October 1, 2009

Following widely popular Dr.Web CureIt! that saved “lives” of lots of computers Doctor Web releases a new network utility Dr.Web CureNet! The new program is designed to perform centralized scanning and curing on workstations and servers running MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 in a local network of any size. In order to use the program customers will need to purchase a license. At the same time the main task of Dr.Web CureNet! remains the same: cure a system without installation and uninstallation of another running anti-virus.

A lot of system administrators that still resort to Dr.Web CureIt! in emergency situations showed great interest in Dr.Web CureNet! during its beta-testing.

The epidemics of Shadow-based (Kido, Сonfiсker) in the early 2009 showed that different vendors have different threat response time and more importantly that anti-virus products have different curing capabilities. It was after the beginning of the epidemics when the number of downloads of Dr.Web CureIt! increased manifold. The concealed epidemics of Sector rootkits provides a similar picture. All companies that applied to the support service of Doctor Web for help in instances when systems were infected by Sector and Shadow malware, had anti-virus software from other vendor installed on their computers. Installed and yet helpless

With Dr.Web CureNet! capable of curing all hosts in a network simultaneously work of system administrators becomes easier. Dr.Web CureNet! scanner software is distributed between hosts in the network. After that scanners are launched (without installation) on target workstations and servers, perform required tasks and remove themselves. An administrator doesn’t have to do anything but monitor scanning results from his computer.

Dr.Web CureNet! advantages:

  • Anti-virus scan and cure for Windows workstations and servers in local networks of any size
  • Minimal network traffic
  • Efficient self-protection from malicious programs disrupting operation of anti-viruses
  • Updating can be performed performed prior to scanning.

Apart from being a perfect anti-virus emergency aid solution Dr.Web CureNet! can also be used as a diagnosis tool. A free demo mode allows an administrator to scan computers in a network at any moment to make sure that the installed anti-virus hasn't "overlooked" something. Curing is not available in the demo mode.

Information security of a local network is a critical task. If your anti-virus doesn't make it on its own, Dr.Web CureNet! is ready to help.

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