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The unlock feature and other improvements in Dr.Web 9.01.4 for Android and Dr.Web 7.00.14 for Android Light

August 20, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web for Android and Dr.Web for Android Light to versions 9.01.4 and 7.00.14, respectively. The main innovation delivered with this update is a feature that enables users to unlock a device that has been rendered non-operational by locking ransomware. Currently, no other anti-virus products on the market offer this feature. In addition, the update provides other upgrades and fixes for known defects.

The unlock feature for neutralising handheld lockers, which prohibit users from performing any action with their devices, has been incorporated into the commercial and free version of Dr.Web for Android. It is sufficient to start charging the device and shake it vigorously for all non-system processes to terminate their work. Thus, Dr.Web is even able to deal with blockers not found in its virus database. To date, Dr.Web for Android is the only anti-virus that can free a device that has been locked—even if the whole screen, including the notification bar, has been locked.

In addition, routines for neutralising threats found in a device's memory have been upgraded.

Czech and Indonesian language support has been added to both products. Now Dr.Web for Android Light also supports Thai, and Arabic language support has been improved.

With native x-86 platform support, Dr.Web for Android Light can scan devices for viruses faster.

Defects identified in the operation of Dr.Web for Android and Dr.Web for Android Light have been corrected.

The updated anti-viruses are available on Google Play (Dr.Web for Android. Comprehensive protection, Dr.Web for Android. Life License, and Dr.Web Anti-virus Light) as well as from Doctor Web's site.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically. If automatic updates are disabled on your device, go to Google Play, choose Dr.Web Anti-virus, Dr.Web Anti-Virus Life license or Dr.Web Anti-virus Light on the application list, and click "Update”.

To perform an update via Doctor Web's site, download the updated distribution. If the option “New application version” is enabled, a new version notification will be displayed when the virus databases are being updated. You can start the download directly from this dialogue box.

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