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Doctor Web email replacement service

September 10, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web announces the launch of a new service for Dr.Web users. Now, if customers no longer use the email address they provided when registering the anti-virus, they can link their license to another email.

When registering a Dr.Web license, it is very important for customers to provide a personal email address to which only they have access. The email containing the key file, as well as service messages regarding the status of the license, are sent to this address.

If your license is still valid, but for some reason you can no longer use the email address you specified during registration, use the new Doctor Web service to link your license to another email address.

To change your registration email, you must verify that you are the license’s lawful owner and provide your previously registered email address and the Dr.Web serial number for which you want to change the address. A link to confirm the change of registered address will be sent to the new email address. A message about the change of email request will also be sent to the previously registered address.

After linking, you will be able to receive service messages using the new address; however, to access site sections and services that are only for the rightful owners of Dr.Web licenses, you will still have to specify the previous registration email.

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