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Dr.Web Enterprise Security released

July 17, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce the release of version 10 of its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. The new version is packed with changes that improve the suite's performance and reliability and bring new features to anti-virus network administrators. Take advantage of Doctor Web’s cutting-edge technologies to establish maximum all-round security for your corporate network.

Owners of commercial licenses can upgrade to version 10 for FREE.

With the latest innovations at its disposal, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0 is here to fulfil all the needs of corporate customers and network security administrators.

Key upgrades

  1. Dr.Web Server

    • New features:
      • Use an ODBC driver to connect to external DBMSs under Linux;
      • Export/Import the Dr.Web Server database in XML format;
      • Back up critical data during Dr.Web Server installation;
      • Organise Dr.Web Server log files by hour, day, and wee;
      • Connect the Dr.Web Agents to the server without a public encryption key or with an incorrect public key.
    • The addition of an embedded iSQLite3 database. Set as a default option during Dr.Web Server installation.
    • Take advantage of the built-in PostgreSQL driver for Dr.Web Server under Windows.
    • Redesigned networking routines enable the server to handle a larger number of connections with little cost to performance.
    • The installation procedure for Dr.Web Server under Linux has been simplified.
    • The Dr.Web Server distribution is now shipped in two packages: the main distribution for Dr.Web Server installation, and anti-virus packages for hosts under Windows; An additional distribution is installed on the computer that is home to the main distribution. It includes distributions for all the products supported by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite that can be installed on the protected hosts.
    • Support for clusters of Dr.Webanti-virus servers and cluster protocol facilitates the coordination of Dr.Web Agent administration via different Dr. Web servers.
  2. Dr.Web Control Center

    • New features:
      • Update the Dr.Web Server via the Center;
      • Use licenses from one license key across multiple Web servers;
      • Update groups of Dr.Web agents via the Dr.Web Server;
      • Centralised replacement of the public encryption key for all Dr.Web agents, both manually and according to a schedule;
      • Change the assigned primary group upon automatic approval of the agent by the Dr.Web Server;
      • Download Dr.Web Server log files via the Center;
      • Use the server schedule to send statistics reports in PDF format (among others) via email;
      • Manage the database via the (clean, analyse);
      • Use OpenStreetMap to determine the location of the Dr.Web Server and its neighbouring servers (if object coordinates have been specified);
      • Distribute the Dr.Web agent installer files from the by e-mail;
      • Export statistics and other anti-virus network data into PDF files;
      • Download configuration files containing Dr.Web agent connection settings for Android, Mac OS X and Linux via the Control Center;
      • Configure delayed component updating for PCs via the Dr.Web Server;
      • Configure the automatic assignment of agents to custom groups;
      • Manage Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite product update revisions via the Center;
      • Execute SQL queries via the embedded SQL console. The console is available to administrators who have the necessary permissions;
      • Use the Lua console to run Lua scripts. The console is available to administrators who have the required permissions;
      • Configure administrator alerts via the Control Center;
      • Use several public encryption keys simultaneously to connect Dr.Web agents and the neighbouring servers;
      • Run diagnostics on the Dr.Web Server remotely with the Dr.Web Server FrontDoor Plug-In.
    • Improvements:
      • An Administrators section and a system of administrative privileges;
      • Better repository administration via the Control Center.
  3. Dr.Web Agent

    Dr.Web Agent for Windows has been completely redesigned to meet current requirements for protecting PCs against computer threats.

    • Implemented:
      • Continuous background scanning and neutralisation of active threats. Low consumption of system resources is a key advantage of the new routines;
      • Proactive protection against infection with common threats from the Trojan.Encoder, Trojan Inject and Trojan.Winlock families;
      • New technology for detecting threats that have been compiled using packers not yet known to the Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine;
      • Anti-rootkit module for 64-bit platforms for more efficient neutralisation of threats targeting 64-bit operating systems.
    • Improved file monitor performance on machines involved in data stream processing.
    • New version of the Office Control enables the administrator to block certain types of devices on remote hosts and restrict access to the Internet or to a machine temporarily.
    • All Dr.Web agent settings are aggregated in a single window to simplify its administration.
  4. New utilities

    • The mobile Dr.Web Control Center makes it possible to manage the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus network from an iPhone.
    • The Dr.Web repository downloader facilitates the downloading of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products via the Global Updating System.

More information on Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite version 10.0, including system requirements and installation details, can be found in the release notes.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite New version 10

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