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Doctor Web launches the beta-testing of Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper

July 16, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. – the Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web – launches the beta-testing of a new product for MIMEsweeper.

E-mail traffic directed through a content filtering server of ClearSwift MIMEsweeper will be quickly scanned and disinfected. Spam and viruses will be efficiently removed by the new Dr.Web plugin. Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper features the state-of-the-art non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing™ added to the traditional signature-based check and the heuristic analyzer. Filtering of unwanted mail is conducted using the Vade Retro library that has already proven its efficiency in other Dr.Web products. If a threat is detected, an unsolicited message is classified by Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper according to the configuration of the ClearSwift MIMEsweeper policy and malicious objects are disarmed.

Key features of the program

Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper is installed on a computer that has ClearSwift MIMEsweeper for SMTP installed. The plugin works as the filtering scenario of the first type recommended by ClearSwift. Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper run in the protected system can do the following;

  • Checks mail messages including archived attachments prior to processing of the messages by mail server;
  • Detects malware;
  • Cures infected objects;
  • Filters out spam;
  • Blocks and moves incurable and suspicious objects to the Quarantine;
  • Regularly updates the virus database;
System requirements:
At least 35MB of free disk space.
Windows 2000 Server service pack 4 or later or Windows Server 2003 or later. ClearSwift MIMEsweeper™ for SMTP 5.2 mail content filter or later.
A connection to the Internet for updating of the virus database.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the external beta-testing of the new product by Doctor We, Ltd. You need to register to access the beta-testing section of our web-site.

All participants of the testing will get a free electronic license for Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus&Anti-spam for one year. The most diligent beta-testers will have an opportunity to purchase Dr.Web for MIMIEsweeper at 80 per cent discount for any number of protected computers for up to three years.

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