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New versions of Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and Dr.Web for Unix mail gateways 5.0 released

September 9, 2009

Doctor Web — Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software — released new versions of its Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and Dr.Web for Unix mail gateways 5.0.

These anti-virus solutions are designed to scan inbound SMTP traffic for viruses and protect e-mail from spam and other unsolicited messages. Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and Dr.Web for Unix mail gateways 5.0 support all Linux distributions with kernel 2.4 or later. Administrators can choose between these two products to meet their current security requirements: the first one can be integrated with various e-mail systems while the second one can only be used as a mail gateway.

Numerous modifications significantly improve functionality of the products compared with their previous versions:

  • The new distribution package format significantly improves the installation procedure.
  • The user-friendly web-interface enables system administrators to install, configure and maintain a solution with minimum effort.
  • New report templates provide administrators with more detailed easy-to-read reports.
  • Statistical information can now be retrieved for any period of time.
  • Dynamic load balancing optimizes server performance without additional testing. The configuration testing and service control interface enables on the fly configuration of operation of services.
  • New administration options are now available for the quarantine. All actions (search, removal of messages from the quarantine, archiving) can be carried out using the web-interface, a special utility or administration messages. With administration messages a user can control the status of the quarantine without interrupting his current work.
  • All relayed messages can be archived. Even if a message has been accidentally or deliberately removed, an administrator will always be able to restore it.
  • All messages are guaranteed to be delivered. Even if a user is unavailable for a long period of time and can’t receive a message, it will be stored in a special directory.
  • Now rules can be created virtually for each message. Introduction of the modifier plugin allows to perform an unlimited number of operations with all scanned messages.
  • Filtering server and quarantine settings can now be stored in storage of any type ranging from ordinary files to databases like Oracle. Services supporting LDAP makes administration easier.
  • A product can be controlled using the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite console.

You need to reinstall Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and Dr.Web for Unix mail gateways to upgrade the products. Special scripts for conversion of settings make upgrading to the new version easier.

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