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Dr.Web Enterprise Suite update released

August 19, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web released updated components of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite. The update also provides fixes of several known errors.

Most significant errors corrected by the update:

  • AnAn agent’s interface language settings wouldn't save after an agent restarting
  • SpIDer Gate wouldn’t start with anti-spam listed in the key file among enabled components
  • Two instances of the updating utility could be run simultaneously
  • Changing office control settings started the self-protection module
  • An agent’s local schedule didn’t allow creating weekly jobs

Also, the mobile mode can now be enabled by a user without administrator privileges, the agent supports a greater number of languages and allows enabling/disabling scan start/completion and restart notifications.

The server component:

  • XML API functionality has been improved
  • Interaction with the Oracle database has been optimized
  • Upgrading procedure for updating from 4.44 to 5.00 when MS SQL is used has been improved
  • An error when changing repository settings froze the server has been fixed
  • Configuration files generation error that occurred during installation under Windows has been corrected
  • An error that prevented the console scanner to detect some hosts in the network has been fixed

Dr.Web Enterprise Suite agents will be updated automatically. Anew distribution is required to download the server and console.

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