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Doctor Web releases Dr.Web CureNet! beta

August 10, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web releases the beta version of its new anti-virus product Dr.Web CureNet! The new program is designed to perform centralized scanning and curing on workstations and servers running MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7.

Dr.Web CureNet! is a centrally managed anti-virus aiming to serve as a an anti-virus security enhancement for companies that maintain their anti-virus protection using software from other vendors. Dr.Web CureNet! will come to the rescue in a critical situation if your anti-virus is unable to detect malware or can’t neutralize it.

Dr.Web CureNet! scanner software is distributed between hosts in the network. After that scanners are launched (without installation) on target workstations and servers, perform necessary actions and remove themselves. Dr.Web CureNet! doesn’t require a running server or any additional software and can be launched from any removable data-storage device such as USB-flash drive. Even an inexperienced system administrator can work with Dr.Web CureNet!

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web CureNet!. In order to take part in the testing you need to register.

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