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Dr.Web products for Unix released

January 29, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has just released version of Dr.Web for Unix Server, Dr.Web for Internet Gateways Unix, Dr.Web anti-virus for Unix Mail Servers, Dr.Web for Linux and Dr.Web for Novell Storage Services. The update delivers fixes of identified errors.

It also provides Samba 4.1 support for Dr.Web for Unix Server.

A Dr.Web for Internet Gateways Unix issue, which was causing the drweb-icapd component to terminate abnormally when encountering problems while connecting to a Squid proxy server, has been eliminated.

Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers defects involving the product’s abnormal termination when interacting with the built-in database, as well as when in proxy mail server mode, have been corrected.

In addition, possible installation, launching and component initialisation problems were eliminated in all the products.

The versions of the components incorporated in the products have been updated as follows: drweb-smbspider (, — rpm package), drweb-icapd (, drweb-maild (, drweb-nss ( ), drweb-daemon (, and drweb-agent (

To update a product installed from a repository, use the appropriate procedure for your OS. If you installed Dr.Web using a universal package, download the updated distribution and reinstall the application.

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