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Additional measures being taken to combat Dr.Web license piracy

January 28, 2014

To intensify its campaign against Dr.Web software piracy, Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is introducing additional security measures for its customers. To avoid the illegal use of Dr.Web software by third parties, lawful owners are now being notified about dubious attempts to register serial numbers on Doctor Web's servers.

Unfortunately, sometimes keeping license information secret is difficult—for example, if you drop off your PC for repair and it has the anti-virus on it, there is no guarantee that your serial number won't get into the wrong hands, make its way into the public domain and become the property of the entire Internet.

To prevent the unfair use of licenses, users wanting to use Doctor Web's services will have to specify the e-mail they used when registering their licenses. If the e-mail address doesn't match the actual e-mail to which the licence’s information was sent, the real owner of the license will be notified that an attempt was made to pirate their license. Iа such a license is blocked by Doctor Web, the owner will need to use the self-help service to replace the compromised license. Please note that free replacement is possible only once.

When working with Dr.Web software, be careful to avoid situations where your serial number could become accessible to third parties!

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