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Dr.Web 9.0® for Windows components update

October 30, 2013

Doctor Web has updated the firewall (, Dr.Web Net Filtering Service (, Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, Dr.Web SelfPROtect (, Dr.Web Control Service ( and the module installation utility ( ) in Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows, version 9.0. The updates address previously identified deficiencies.

The cause of a critical error occurring in the firewall during interaction with Microsoft Hyper-V has been eliminated.

A bug has been fixed in the traffic sniffing service; it was causing long waiting times before large HTTP files would start downloading.

Changes were made to the scanning service to eliminate an error related to SpIDer Guard rules being applied during threat detection. In addition, a Dr.Web Scanning Engine error, which occurred when using the anti-spam module while it was being updated, has been fixed.

Bugs in the self-defense module that could cause the operating system to freeze while in operation have been fixed, as was a bug that could cause the crash of the StarMoney banking software, some games, and a number of other third-party software running on 64- bit Windows with the preinstalled Dr.Web Anti-virus.

Changes made to the managing service help to avoid problems related to opening the Quarantine Manager window when working with a user's account.

A number of changes have been made to the installation module. Bugs that caused incorrect messages to be displayed have been fixed. Those occurred when a new version of the product was detected on the Doctor Web company server or when software installed on a PC was not compatible with Dr.Web’s products. The button "Skip" has been added to the dialog box that appears during the installation of the Anti-virus, which makes it possible to continue with the installation if an error occurs. Also, a bug that occurred after Dr. Web was removed has been fixed; it had the potential to lead to problems during the product’s reinstallation. The Bulgarian, Spanish, and Latvian languages have been added to the set-up module.

In addition, Dr. Web products have information windows in Kazakh and French.

The updates will be installed automatically, but will require a computer reboot.

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