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Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.4 released

October 7, 2013

Doctor Web has released version 3.4 of its plugin Dr.Web LinkChecker for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla (Firefox and Thunderbird). The upgraded plugin incorporates new features that improve its usability; its known defects have been corrected.

Now Dr.Web LinkChecker has a welcome page of its own from which its Configuration Wizard can be accessed. This page is displayed when the plugin is first installed; it allows users to familiarize themselves with Dr.Web LinkChecker's features and to customize the plugin to suit their needs. Settings can be changed directly from the browser’s main menu.

Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.4 uses an updated database of advertising sites and sites that track user activity on their pages.

In addition, version 3.4 has had the following defects corrected: An issue rendering the feature to block web analytics in Safari non-operational, when the Internet-tracking option was set to a maximum value; A defect impacting users opening redirect links—where access was not blocked even when manual blocking had been enabled; An issue involving a page reload request being displayed whenever a site was added or removed from Opera's exceptions list; An error when access was blocked to certain websites that had mistakenly been included in the advertising category.

To use Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.4, download it from the corresponding extensions catalogue (depending on the browser in use) and run it. For those who already use Dr.Web LinkChecker, the update will occur automatically.

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