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Subscription Control Center 6.2 for Dr.Web AV-Desk released

October 14, 2013

Doctor Web has released Subscription Control Center (SCC) 6.2 for its Internet service Dr.Web AV-Desk. The revamped SCC boasts far greater usability for providers and aggregators/resellers, as well as for subscribers to the Dr.Web Anti-virus service, and incorporates a number of new features.

The SCC has been optimised for integration with Dr.Web AV-Desk server 6.2 and now supports Microsoft IIS 7.0 and IIS 8.0.

It also incorporates a number of new features. A new JSON protocol is now used to access the application's programming interface. The SCC's simplified UI now has consistent and stylish controls.

Version 6.2 also enables registered partner companies to deploy a separate copy of the SCC that has a limited set of features which improves the Control Center's security. In addition, the deployment of new copies of the SCC can now be automated.

Service subscribers are now divided into two categories: individuals and organizations. Now the SCC can handle company accounts rather than just the accounts of individuals—so a legal entity can be represented by multiple users. In addition, the option has been added to change a user's organisation or to move users to the category for individuals, which enables them to use their personal accounts.

Service aggregators can take advantage of expanded monthly financial statistics and the ability to view statistics information for all their resellers. Service resellers, in turn, can view subscription statistics for their customers.

The SCC has also been fitted with a new notification system. Users can now be notified about the need to recharge account balances and notification options can be adjusted.

SCC 6.2 can be used to create and manage subscriptions for devices running Android and Mac OS X. It should be noted that at this point the Dr.Web AV-Desk server does not support Mac OS X, but this feature will be available shortly.

Users are now charged for using the Dr.Web Anti-virus service on a daily basis. The service licensing policy was changed, too. The subscription package Dr.Web standard and its derivative promo packages have been discontinued for both individuals and businesses. Subscribers to Dr.Web Premium and Dr.Web Premium Server get protection for Android free of charge. Home users wanting to protect their Android handhelds are offered a separate package—Dr.Web Mobile. Discounts are available for individuals who subscribe to protect multiple objects.

Now the SCC UI can be used to import data from previous versions of the SCC—1.0.8, 5.x and 6.0.x.

SCC 6.2 can be downloaded at

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