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Dr.Web for Kerio MailServer beta released

June 19, 2009

The Russian anti-virus Vendor Doctor Web released a beta version of its Dr.Web anti-virus for Kerio MailServer. This application s designed to protect a Kerio mail sever from viral threats.

The anti-virus scans attachments and incoming and outgoing messages sent via SMTP, POP3 и HTTP. The program features state-of-the-art Dr.Web technologies for detection of different types of malicious programs that impose a threat to a mail system and information security of users. In particular the heuristic analyzer and Origins Tracing expose latest threats that have not been added to the Doctor Web virus database.

Dr.Web for Kerio MailServer scans mail traffic for viruses, paid dialers, adware, riskware, hack-tools and jokers. A user can also enable or disable detection of certain types of malware. If a threat is detected, an action for its neutralization is performed according to settings of Kerio MailServer.

Benefits of the new product include detection of all types of viruses, flexible configuration, easy administration and regular automatic updating of its virus databases.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web for Kerio MailServer.. In order to take part in the testing you need to register.

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