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First Russian anti-virus for Mac OS X from Doctor Web

June 16, 2009

The renown anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced the release of its new Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac OS X (Intel). Now Mac users can protect their systems from malicious objects using the Russian anti-virus that incorporates cutting-edge technologies created by Doctor Web.

For a long time Mac OS X was considered immune to viruses and other malicious program and since the number of its users was relatively small, it didn’t attract attention of virus makers. So the illusion was upheld. However, popularity of Mac OS X is growing among users as well as cyber-criminals. Today a reliable anti-virus protecting a Mac from malware has become a necessity. And it is already available to all Mac users.

Benefits of Dr.Web for Mac OS X include:

  • High-speed virus scan
  • Reliable real-time protection
  • Minimal system load
  • Easy administration and the slick Mac-style interface
  • Low updating traffic

Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac detects and neutralizes viruses, spyware, adware, hacking tools, paid dialers and jokers targeting MAC OS X as well as malware written for other platforms. Flexible configuration, custom scan profiles, easy administration and high usability provide quick and easy access to all features of the application. Low CPU load of Dr.Web for Mac OS X allow it to run virtually unnoticed.

Dr.Web for Mac OS X scans autorun objects, removable data-storage devices, network and logical drives, e-mails, files and directories including archived files and monitors activities of all running processes and all file operations. The application also checks files that are currently in use. The anti-virus features three scanning modes: express, full and custom.

Dr.Web for Mac OS X isolates infected and suspicious files in the quarantine.

The updating utility downloads and installs updates of virus databases and program modules over the Internet (automatically, on-demand and scheduled).

Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac OS X is available to customers as a separate electronic license as well as a Dr.Web for Mac OS X+Dr.Web Security Space license.

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