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Dr.Web AV-Desk chosen by ISP "Hazynet" in Krasnoyarsk

July 22, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. – the Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web – and Hazynet – an ISP in Krasnoyarsk – start delivering Dr.Web anti-virus to subscribers of the provider.

Hazynet has successfully deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk so its subscribers are now able to protect their computers using Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus&Anti-spam. The service fee for all subscribers of Hazynet is USD 3.25.

The Dr.Web anti-virus service is supplied to subscribers of Hazynet by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk – the first internet-service by Doctor Web, Ltd. Dr.Web AV-Desk allows delivering anti-virus protection to an unlimited number of subscribers (both private individuals and companies) and to centrally manage the service provision mechanism.

Alexander Malutin, the business development manager of Hazynet talks:
“The top priority in development of our business is the perfection of the quality of services available to our present-day subscribers rather than expanding our coverage area. But the tremendous level of Infection on computers of our subscribers was the issue we couldn’t solve no matter how hard we tried. Our technicians spent lots of time to deal with malware attacks and their aftermath. Dr.Web AV-Desk has proven to be an easy and efficient solution to the problem. It is extremely easy to install and maintain so our subscribers handle malicious threats on their own and don’t need to ask for support. The centralized protection powered by Dr.Web anti-virus put an end to the network-scale viral zymosis. Viral incidents are now single instances. Consequently a huge amount of human resources can now be put to solve other tasks”.

“A number of personal computers with installed Dr.Web anti-virus is still growing. Dr.Web AV-Desk allows us to offer solutions at a reasonable price using the most convenient delivery scheme. Subscribers of a provider trusting Dr.Web AV-Desk with the security of their computers simply need to subscribe to the Dr.Web anti-virus service. Besides, the anti-virus doesn’t require extra configuring.” – Valentine Fedotov, the business development manager of Doctor Web, Ltd. said.

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