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Dr.Web 8.0 for Windows Servers released

June 24, 2013

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released the eighth version of the product Dr.Web for Windows Servers. In addition to new components already included in Dr.Web 8.0 home products for Windows , the new version brings support of Windows Server 2012 to Dr.Web anti-virus software for file servers.

New installer. Dr.Web 8.0’s new installer does not use the Microsoft Windows Installer; no additional services are required to install the product. It not only protects the anti-virus from the moment when installation begins, but also reduces deployment time, since scanning is no longer performed during setup. It can also restore the product's integrity.

New anti-rootkit. Now the search for and neutralization of complex threats (rootkits, bootkits, etc.) is carried out in background mode. The resident background scan routines search for active threats among critical system objects and in the BIOS. An intelligent assessment of hardware capabilities ensures that scanning does not interfere with the user experience. The integration of the installation package (installer) with the updated anti-rootkit makes it possible to repel active threats and cure a PC during installation, even if the computer is infected with sophisticated malware.

Now Dr.Web can block automatic modifications of critical Windows objects, thus ensuring preventive protection from infection. For various applications and services, a user can grant or deny access to certain Windows objects in real time and foil attempts by malware to make unwanted changes in a system.

Anti-virus and SpIDer Guard settings are now accessible in a single window. Settings and statistics interface has been redesigned to improve usability, corresponding windows can now be resized.

Windows Server 2000 and 2003 (64-bit) are not supported by version 8.0.

To upgrade to version 8 of Dr.Web for Windows Servers, you will need to reinstall the application.

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