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Dr.Web for Windows set as standard of anti-virus protection for executive bodies of Permskiy Kray

July 23, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. in cooperation with the Information-computer centre of the regional government in Permskoiy kray have ensured the information security of executive bodies and municipal government by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk.

In 2008 viral threats became an urgent issue for local authorities in Perm region. An increased number of attacks sometimes resulted in the denial of network services for employees of many governmental institutions and slowed down the overall operation of the regional government.

The Information-computer centre deploying information technologies among bodies of state authority and local government decided on using Dr.Web AV-Desk.

The product by Doctor Web, Ltd. has been chosen because of its reasonable price, high-level of protection delivered to all computers in a network, its automatic installation, configuration and updating of all components of Dr.Web AV-Desk. The deployment of the new service also enabled centralized protection of the entire local network, put several anti-virus servers in a group with the complex communication scheme and encrypt communication between components of the anti-virus network.

The deployment process took as little as six days. The control centre was installed on a server of Information-computer centre and 350 agents were installed on workstations in offices of executive bodies of Perm region and in the Information-computer centre.

When the testing was completed technicians of the Information-computer centre outlined rules of procedure and set up a training system for hardware, projecting and technical support divisions.

Dr.Web AV-Desk became fully operational on January 20, 2008. Extra workstations were connected to an anti-virus server so by July 21, 2008 their number reached 653.

The regional government of Perm region highly rated the successful deployment of the service by Doctor Web, Ltd. and passed a regulatory document stating Dr.Web for Windows as a standard tool for anti-virus protection for all executive bodies of the region.

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