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New service from Doctor Web: leave your comments to our news posts on the website!

January 13, 2016

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce that from now on in addition to reading news about Dr.Web products, updates, latest threats and virus reviews and staying up to date about promos from Doctor Web, visitors of can also leave their feedback for every news post!

The new feature will allow site visitors to quickly express their opinions and ask questions that arose while reading news posts as well as share their thoughts and attitude to the published materials.

Please note that comments are moderated. Comments containing abusive language and insults as well as those that incite national and religious hatred will not be published. Read more about the rules for commenting here.

To post comment, you must register and create your personal account at Doctor Web's site. This feature may cone in handy for registered users of Dr.Web products and for those who haven't chosen Dr.Web yet. With an account at you can:

  • Sign in at and its services for customers.
  • Access the website under your social networking account (to do this, you need to bind the accounts).
  • Leave comments to news posts.

Now every visitor at Doctor Web's site can have their secure space!

Let's get to know each other better—reggister and login at Doctor Web's site and we will talk!

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