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Dr.Web for Android 8.0: faster, friendler and more reliable

May 16, 2013

Doctor Web has released the eighth version of Dr.Web for Android. Version 8.0’s major innovations include faster scanning on multi-core smart phones, Android 4.2 support, and Anti-theft Module recognition of multiple, trusted SIM cards.

Anti-virus scans on the latest Android smart phones are now significantly faster thanks to multi-thread scanning that divides tasks between the CPU cores.

The new version supports Android 4.2.

With Dr.Web for Android 8.0 you can use multiple trusted SIM cards with the Anti-theft enabled. Now, if you regularly switch between several SIM cards on one smartphone, you can add these SIM cards to your trusted list, so that the Anti-theft won't block access to the device when changing them. You can add SIM cards to your trusted list when you restart the device or when launching Dr.Web for Android.

Dr.Web also now lets you disable the detection of adware and riskware by the file monitor SpIDer Guard and the anti-virus scanner.

In addition, Dr.Web for Android can send statistics about its operation to Doctor Web with the user's consent. To use this feature, after installing version 8.0, you will need to accept the license agreement again.

In addition to the aforementioned innovations, several upgrades have also been made. Now, if SpIDer Guard and the anti-spam service are terminated, they will be restarted automatically.

Version 8.0 also includes Latvian and Estonian language support and tweaks that have been made to the custom scan interface.

Among other things, known defects have been corrected. In particular, the scanning process no longer decelerates as soon as the device's screen turns off and scanning can no longer be interrupted by touching the screen. A widget display issue that had the ability to impact certain devices has also been fixed.

The new version of Dr.Web for Android is available on Google Play (Dr.Web Anti-virus, Dr.Web Anti-Virus Life license) and on Doctor Web's site (Dr.Web for Android).

Dr.Web for Android will be updated to version 8.0 automatically. If automatic updates are disabled on the device, go to Google Play, choose Dr.Web Anti-virus (paid) or Dr.Web Anti-Virus Life license on the application list, and click "Update”.

For updates via Doctor Web's site, download a new distribution file. If the option “New application version” is enabled, a new version notification will be displayed when updating the virus databases. You can start the download directly from this dialogue box.

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