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Agent version 6.2 for Dr.Web AV-Desk released

April 2, 2013

Doctor Web has released agent version 6.2 for its Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service which is used to deliver Dr.Web Anti-virus to users on a subscription basis. The new agent is compatible with server software versions 6.0 and 6.1. It supports the latest versions of Windows and incorporates new modules, error fixes and component updates.

The main news for Dr.Web Anti-virus service subscribers is that the agent ( now supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

The updated modules include the firewall ( with tweaked user interface, updated drivers, and all the cutting-edge features implemented in anti-viruses for home users. The new version of the virus scanner ( boasts high-speed multi-thread virus scanning. In addition, it also features a new graphical user interface. In addition, the Dr.Web AV-Desk agent incorporates the Dr.Web Net Filtering Service ( and the Dr.Web Net Filter driver for Windows (; these components replace the outdated technology that intercepts traffic via the LSP stack and supersede SpIDer Mail monitor and SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor processes.

The Dr.Web SelfPROtect module ( has had its performance improved and known errors fixed. In particular, it has become more resistant to changes on the part of rootkits, which can intercept API calls used to control the operation of application procedures.

The Scanning Engine service ( has also been significantly improved: in particular, an issue that could cause abnormal termination upon restarting the service or reloading the virus databases has been resolved. Also fixed were memory leaks that could occur while using the quarantine manager as well as errors that might disrupt its operation in Windows versions for the East Asian countries.

The new components—the new version of the scanner as well as Dr.Web Net Filtering Service and Dr.Web Net Filter for Windows—will be installed under Windows 2000 Service Pack SP4 and Rollup 1 , Windows XP with the SP2 and above, Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 and above, Windows Vista and above. These components won't be available for other versions of Windows.

Dr.Web Anti-virus service software will be updated automatically, but two system reboots will be required.

You can subscribe to the Dr.Web Anti-virus service through any service provider who has deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk.

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