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Dr.Web for Android bundled with dictionaries in Japan

February 12, 2013

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce the beginning of a partnership with Japanese corporate giant Seiko Instruments Inc. As part of that partnership, commencing February 8, 2013, Dayfiler electronic dictionaries include the anti-virus Dr.Web for Android Light, already pre-installed.

With the growing popularity and rising diversity of Android devices, the anti-virus security issue is becoming increasingly important for Android. With pre-installed anti-virus software, people have their devices protected from the very moment they begin to use them and don't need to search for and buy an anti-virus.

Being one of the world's most popular anti-viruses for the platform, Dr.Web for Android is already available pre-installed on Lexand Russian e-books. Doctor Web’s partnership programme with Seiko Instruments Inc. marks the OEM product début on a major international market. Now customers who purchase Dayfiler electronic dictionaries automatically have Dr.Web for Android Light at their disposal.

The anti-virus is installed on the latest models of Dayfiler’s electronic, touch-screen dictionaries — DF-X8000 and DF-X9000. They incorporate several English to Japanese and Japanese to English dictionaries as well as Longman, Collins and Oxford English dictionaries and an English grammar reference book.

ディスプレイ - わかりやすい表示

Under an agreement with Seiko Instruments Inc., Dr.Web for Android Light has been installed on 100,000 devices.

It should be noted that this Dr.Web product is already well known in Japan; the country ranks second (after Russia) by the number of Dr.Web for Android Light downloads. The total number of Dr.Web downloads worldwide recently exceeded 15 million.

About Seiko Instruments Inc.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is a key subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corporation. SII is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of watches, electronic devices, high-precision parts and IC dictionaries.

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