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Dr.Web will protect Internet users of GlavSET

July 14, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. – the Russian developer of anti-virus software branded Dr.Web – and T-Lan –a multi-service broadband Internet provider in Rostov Na-Donu (GlavSET brand) commence the provision of the Dr.Web anti-virus to all Internet users by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk.


Dr.Web AV-Desk allows supplying anti-virus protection powered by Dr.Web for Windows to an unlimited number of subscribers – individuals or companies – and to centrally manage the provision process.

The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk will clean networks of the provider of viruses and decrease the workload of the technical support service. Roman Tischenko, the head of T-Lan comments:
“We conducted an analysis and found out that 90 per cent of calls for support concern network operation issues or inability to establish a connection to the Internet caused by viral activities on computers of end-users. Meanwhile, about the same 90 per cent of our subscribers have only a superficial knowledge of a computer and can’t handle an infection in the system or install and properly configure an anti-virus. Recently we have also faced a problem of increased load on our hardware. The causes are the same. In such a situation benefits of Dr.Web AV-Desk are pretty obvious: the anti-virus is installed automatically and doesn’t require extra configuration job because all parameters of the program are set by the network administrator. Dr.Web AV-Desk helps GlavSET provide Internet access of the proper quality, increase the loyalty of subscribers making virus-free traffic tariffs transparent.

“Today more and more provider companies deploy Dr.Web AV-Desk. Subscribers of GlavSET are getting the Dr.Web anti-virus service which once again proves that Dr.Web AV-Desk and anti-virus and anti-spam solutions from Doctor Web, Ltd. are reliable and easy to use both for end-users and for providers” – Boris Sharov, the CEO of Doctor Web, Ltd. comments on the cooperation with GlavSET.

About T-Lan.
T-Lan is the multi-service broadband operator (GlavSET brand) that has been operating on the market since June 2007. The company provides access to the Internet to companies and home users in Rostov na-Donu.

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