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Doctor Web offers computer incident investigation service

May 29, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new service. If you have reason to believe that a cyber crime involving malware or riskware has brought harm to your company, Doctor Web's experts are at your service to investigate the incident. The investigation will help shed light on the actual events that have transpired and their causes and also determine who was responsible through the use of a unique psychological evaluation of the customer's personnel. Doctor Web’s experts will provide technical and legal recommendations on how to deal with the incident's consequences.

Today, when small and medium businesses, banks, public authorities and other organisations are increasingly becoming victims of cyber attacks, and the damage from such crimes numbers in the millions, it is imperative that fraudulent activities are not merely stopped but also examined thoroughly, so that stolen funds or information can be returned and similar incidents can be prevented from happening in the future. It's no secret that some companies accept such incidents as inevitable and do nothing to repair the damage or punish the criminals. Yet there are means, including legal ones, to deal with such things!

The investigation of virus-related computer incidents (VCIs) includes a set of activities involving the thorough examination of the incident, its causes and consequences, as well as comprehensive recommendations on how to remedy the damage and prevent future VCIs. Whether your corporate network has been compromised, a third party has gotten hold of your confidential information or disrupted your business routines, or your critical data has been altered, Doctor Web has all the experience, resources and competent experts needed to help you deal with the situation.

The staff psychological evaluation, a unique feature of the service, will help you identify possible accomplices to the crime among your employees.

All the investigation procedures are conducted in strict compliance with existing legislation.

The investigation service is offered for a fee. To use the service, a request must be sent via the form on the support page, and a contract must be signed with Doctor Web.

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