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Doctor Web to participate in the 5th International Forum on Cyber Security

January 15, 2013

The 5th International Forum on Cyber Security (FIC), held annually by the French National Gendarmerie, will take place this year in Lille on January 28 and 29. The event will bring together both key experts in the field of information security and public authorities from throughout the world. Doctor Web will be represented at the Forum by its CEO Boris Sharov.

In the Stockholm Programme for 2010-2015, stepping up the active fight against cybercrime has become one of the priorities of the European Union. Convinced of the need to be a key player in this effort, the French National Gendarmerie launched in 2007 the first International Forum on Cybercrime.

The 5th Forum, to be held in Lille, will bring together leading state authorities and commercial experts in combating malware and various types of Internet fraud. The event’s principal objective is to have a completely transparent and comprehensive discussion by information security professionals representing many different countries, as well as government officials and business representatives.

Discussions within the 5th International Forum on Cybercrime will fall primarily into three general areas:

  • Government and administrative sectors;
  • Business: large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Local government and municipal authorities.

Boris Sharov, Doctor Web’s CEO, will speak at the round table "Cybercriminals — who are they: bullies or members of organized crime groups?".

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