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Dr.Web AV-Desk adopted by three ISPs in Krasnoyarsk

July 14, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. – the Russian developer of IT security solutions branded Dr.Web – in cooperation with “Expert” company and three ISPS in Krasnoyarsk (Multi-Net, Right Side” and “Avers-Telecom”) introduce the “Dr.Web anti-virus service.


Dr.Web anti-virus is supplied to subscribers using Dr.Web® AV-Desk™ – an Internet service by Doctor Web, Ltd. Now customers of the companies are able to use Dr.Web anti-virus as a service: choose a desired subscription term, suspend the service if necessary and renew a subscription automatically thus planning how much they are going to spend on anti-virus protection. The innovative approach to the provision of anti-malware software ensures an instant delivery of the anti-virus to a user and makes subscription management very easy.

Eugene Tuetrin, the deputy head of “Right Side’ talks:
“Our network covers almost 60 per cent of the city territory. This year saw the combined effort of our company, Multi-Net and Avers-Telekom working very hard and spending much to modernize our networks. Even now our joint client base includes over 20 thousand subscribers and it is still expanding. So it is high time to think what traffic shall get in the network along with new users, because in most cases user complaints are caused by viral activates in the network. Viral traffic of several machines can overload a channel in an instant and affect delivery of services in a subnet. That is why the popularity of the anti-virus service among users is closely connected with the quality of available services and the smaller number of calls for support related to viral incidents”.

Subscribers of Multi-Net, Right Side and Avers-Telekom can use the anti-virus protection free of charge through the summer. Since September this year users will get the service at the fee of as little as USD 2.2 which is much cheaper than getting an anti-virus in a box or from an e-store.

Vladimir Beloglazov, the head of Multi-Net comments upon the deployment: “Under the program of expansion and modernization of the city network we successfully cooperate with other providers and have already completed several projects for Krasnoyarsk including creation games and entertainment portals. Besides, IPTV has also been successfully launched this year. Our short-range goals are expanding the list of services and improving their quality. That’s why the deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk has been one of the most important tasks. This summer we offer not only free subscription and surfing but also trying out Dr.Web protection free of charge. We hope that the service will be highly demanded and which is more important will come in handy to our subscribers and tothe network in general”.

Customers of any of the three provider companies are able to subscribe to the service on the local entertainment portal called “The jungle”. The portal provides access to media-resources and services of all participant companies.

Dr.Web AV-Desk server is located in Ithe P address space of Multi-Net. That’s why the updating traffic is free. Saving on downloads of the distribution and updates is one of the key advantages of the anti-virus service. Other benefits include reliable protection of a PC against malware, the support from Dr.Web anti-virus experts and unsurpassed capabilities of curing infected machines. Users that installed the anti-virus to their PCs already have their workstations cured. Reports on viruses detected on user machines are received by administrators of servers.

Dmitry Kostenevich, the head of “Expert” talks:
“Our company has been developing web-systems for Multi-Net for three years. We had an idea to rent an anti-virus a long time ago and applied to various anti-virus vendors to create such a service several times. Dr.Web AV-Desk is just what we’ve been looking for. It is an ideal product for delivery of an anti-virus service by a large provider company. A competent assistance during deployment is another evidence of high professionalism and reliability of staff of Doctor Web, Ltd.

“We are sure to promote Dr.Web AV-Desk further and further creating a malware free Internet segment. Currently it is deployed by ISPs in 17 largest regions of Russia. By the end of the year you won’t find a region on the map of Russia where the anti-virus service is not available. It will be accessible anywhere in Russia where one can connect to the Internet.” – Boris Sharov, the CEO of Doctor Web, Ltd. says.

About the companies

Multi-Net is one of the largest ISPs in Krasnoyarsk. Home users as well as public institutions and companies are connected to the network of the ISP. Multi-Net offers an access to the variety of resources, services and the Internet.

Right Side is one has one of the most sizable networks in the city connecting over six thousand home users and over six hundred legal entities in the common information environment. Customers of the company include educational and administrational institutions of the region. The company supplies intranet services such as IP telephony, IPTV and IP-Radio and VPN building.

“Avers Telekom” has a rapidly growing network featuring latest IT technologies including high-performance communication hardware. “Avers Telecom” provides Internet for home users as well as for companies.

Expert company focuses on development of web-sites, advertising, hosting, data storage and registration of domain names.

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