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Doctor Web to speak at ZeroNights about threats to Macs

November 14, 2012

Doctor Web, a Russian IT security vendor, is about to participate as a sponsor in the ZeroNights 2012 Conference, one of the year's major IT events, to be held in Moscow on November 19-20, 2012. The company's experts will present a detailed analysis of threats to the Mac OS X operating system.

ZeroNights’ program participants include experts from around the world who will speak about the latest research and development findings in the field of information security. Leading IT security experts will share technical information on new methods of attack and newly emerged threats, and on how individuals can protect their systems against various malware. Thanks to these reports, everyone wanting to assess the actual security of a specific system, technology, protocol, etc., will be able to do so.

Within the main part of the conference, Doctor Web will be represented by Ivan Sorokin, a virus analyst who will present an analysis of malicious software for the Mac OS X operating system. The report will cover a comparative analysis of major threats. Various aspects, ranging from the objective for which a program has been designed to the distinctive features of a particular threat family, are considered as comparison criteria.

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