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New version of Dr.Web anti-virus for Novell Netware file servers

April 7, 2009

Doctor Web releases a new version of its anti-virus solution for Novell Netware file servers. Dr.Web 5.0 for Novell Netware features all cutting-edge detection and neutralization technologies and flexible and easy to understand configuration system. The anti-virus has become faster and more resource-efficient.

Dr.Web anti-virus for file servers under the network operating system Novell Netware is guaranteed to maintain a high scan speed and detect all latest viral threats. Low system requirements allow using the anti-virus on client machines with low-end hardware. The control of CPU load enables a user to change priority of processes and optimize system performance.

The new product neutralizes information security threats of all types. The updated anti-virus engine allows Dr.Web 5.0 for Novell Netware to check packed and archived files at any nesting level. The improved heuristic analyzer and the non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing will detect unknown malicious objects that are not present in the virus database.

Developers of Doctor Web also fixed several errors including inability to move a suspicious file while on-the-fly scan is in progress, crash of the scanner when a large log file is opened and leaks of memory and other resources during scanning. A message sent to a workstation upon detection of a virus has become longer and provides a user with the name of the detected malicious program.

Dr.Web 5.0 for Novell Netware is compatible with Novell Netware 3.12 and up to 6.5 The anti-virus doesn’t require all workstations and servers in the network to support the same protocol.

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