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Anti-virus protection is delivered to subscribers of Lintecs by Dr.Web AV-Desk

July 15, 2008

Doctor Web, Ltd. – the Russian developer of anti-virus software branded Dr.Web – in cooperation with Lintecs launch the free testing of the “network anti-virus” service.

All subscribers will be able to use the “Home anti-virus” supplied by the first internet-service from Doctor Web, Ltd. free of charge. The deployment provides customers of Lintecs with the licensed version of Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus&Anti-spam. Since August 1 2008 users willing to renew their subscription to the service will be able to do it at the monthly fee of USD 2.15 which is much cheaper than a boxed anti-virus.

Dr.Web AV-Desk enables Lintecs to provide top-quality anti-virus protection to an unlimited number of subscribers (home users and companies) and to centrally monitor the network protection status and manage the provision process.

Dmitry Pakhomov, the deputy head of Lintecs comments:
“Dr.Web AV-Desk is the brand-new approach to provision of anti-malware protection giving our customers an opportunity to obtain the protection by means of subscription. A user downloads and installs a small download module no larger than 1 megabyte and gets connected to the unified anti-virus network based on the Dr.Web technology that guarantees frequent updating of the virus database and monitoring of the protection status by experts of Doctor Web, Ltd. The free local network traffic is used to download the installer and to update the virus database”.

“Our Internet service is already used to deliver anti-virus protection to thousands of users in St. Petersburg. Now under cooperation with Lintecs Dr.Web anti-virus will be available to the larger number of companies and home users in the Venice of the North. Subscribers can try out the efficiency and user-friendliness of our software free of charge. In August residents of St. Petersburg will be offered to pay for the service as little as USD 2.1 per month. We have made the high-quality anti-virus protection affordable to users who do care about the security of their computers.” – Valentine Fedotov, the business development manager of Doctor Web, Ltd. said.

About Lintecs
Lintecs has been operating on the market since 1998. The company focuses on the deployment of advanced information technologies. It is an ISP and a wireless operator in St. Petersburg. Presently the company has its own Wi-Fi network that has been in commercial operation since 2005. Dedicated broadband wireless channels are provided using pre-WiMax.

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