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Try Dr.Web Security Space 8.0 beta!

September 25, 2012

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched public beta testing of Dr.Web Security Space 8.0. With 8.0, users get a single administration interface, new security features, and a completely redesigned installer.

The new version of Dr.Web Security Space incorporates a single interface for configuring the anti-virus components. All component settings are available in the corresponding tabs within a single window which makes it easier and quicker to adjust the application's parameters.

New features have been introduced for the Parental Control. Now with setting profiles, you can configure anti-virus components individually for each user who has access to the computer. You no longer need to change the Parental Control settings whenever children take their turn using the PC. In addition, you can block access to various devices ranging from USB flash drives to COM/LPT ports which also helps prevent unwanted actions by users.

With the revamped agent notification system, the most important warnings in the tray will never go unnoticed. You can also choose to receive notifications via e-mail.

Preventive protection provides greater flexibility in maintaining system security. You can decide whether to allow or deny access to system objects, the hosts file, disk sectors, etc. Such monitoring helps avoid conflicts when installing third-party software or OS updates and keeps the system well protected.

To scan URLs, the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate and Parental Control can employ the cloud service, which determines whether a site is safe and whether it belongs to a category of unwanted resources.

Significant changes have been made to the Dr.Web Anti-rootkit Service—a universal subsystem for neutralizing active and complex threats. Now it enables a background file scan and the neutralization of active threats: the resident routine in the memory scans start-up objects, running processes, and BIOS.

During setup, the anti-virus resists malware attempts to disrupt its installation. However, the system is no longer scanned when the anti-virus is being installed, and restart upon its completion is not required (if you chose not to install the firewall).

Doctor Web welcomes all users wanting to participate in the beta testing. In keeping with tradition, the testers whose advice and comments prove to be most valuable to the developers will receive gifts from Doctor Web.

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