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Doctor Web presents a beta-version of Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers

March 17, 2009

Doctor Web released a beta-version of Dr.Web 5.0 for protection of file servers under Windows 2000/2003/2008 from viruses. The solution features the improved anti-virus engine that provides a higher speed of scanning and optimized usage of the file system of a server.

Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers features Dr.Web scanner, SpIDer Guard monitor and console scanner. The anti-virus is easy to install and administer. It controls all server file operations and prevents malicious objects from getting to workstations connected to a local network.

The improved anti-virus engine included in the new version of Dr.Web for windows file servers allows the anti-virus to detect and neutralize threats of different types. Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers scans archived files on any nesting level even if several archivers were used to compress the file. Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers also features the FLY-CODE decompression technology for detection of viruses disguised by unknown packers.

The anti-virus scanner of Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers is provided with the privileged access to files, the Registry and other critical components of the system so it can perform a more in-depth scan. At the same time the heuristic analyzer and the non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing have been improved to make sure that the program is able to neutralize unknown threats. Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers also features the Dr.Web SelfPROtect module that makes the anti-virus immune to attempts of malicious programs to disrupt its operation.

As before the delayed scan technology that allows postponing scan of files opened for reading allows optimizing use of system resources. All calls to files that are already present on hard drives of a server are registered so the scanning can be launched when overall system load is low.

As single-user Dr.Web solutions 5.0 Dr.Web for Windows Servers also features a single configuration tool.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the public beta-testing of Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows Servers. Register in the beta-testing area to take part in the testing.

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