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Personal area for Dr.Web business customers

The first version of the personal area for Dr.Web business clients.

  • In the Licenses tab one can find information about all their Dr.Web licenses. Here you can also download a Dr.Web license certificate and key files. Screenshot
  • The Download section contains download links for Dr.Web software distribution files. Screenshot
  • From the Support section you can contact the Doctor Web's technical support and view the support query history. Screenshot
  • The Profile section of the Personal area stores the login and password issued to the area's administrator by Doctor Web's employee. It also contains information about accounts that the area administrator created for their company's employees. Permissions are granted to an employee by the administrator and can not be elevated over privileges defined for the administrator. Screenshot
  • In the Supplier section you can find information about Doctor Web's partner that delivered the Dr.Web license to the client. The supplier data includes information about the company, its banking details and its employees' contact information. Screenshot
  • Information about remote training for system administrators can be found in the Trainings tab.
  • All Doctor Web news as well as anti-virus security bulletins are available in the Information section.>.

To access the personal area, please contact your Dr.Web software supplier.

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