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Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy — Improve Your Performance!

May 21, 2012

Doctor Web, the Russian market leader in Internet security services, is pleased to announce the launch of Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy, an additional Dr.Web AV-Desk component that makes configuring the service even more convenient and reduces network traffic and the time needed to update agents on user computers.

The main purpose of the new Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy component is to provide communication between the Dr.Web Server and Dr.Web agents installed on users' computers where direct network connectivity between them is impossible.

The component supports a variety of protocols, such as TCP/IP, IPv6, IPX, and NetBIOS, and allows data to be sent between the Dr.Web Server and agents in accordance with proxy settings. In addition, Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy caches agent updates transmitted by the server. This makes it possible to significantly reduce network traffic and the time it takes to update user agents.

Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy, as well as the installation and configuration manual, are available to Doctor Web partners in the My Account area.

About the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet Service

Dr.Web AV-Desk is an Internet service that provides a package of online IT security services for the protection of an unlimited number of subscriber computers from viruses and spam. The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk lets a service provider’s subscribers use the Dr.Web Anti-virus as a service: they can choose how long they want to subscribe, renew their subscriptions automatically, and that means, they can decide for themselves how much they want to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy subscription management for home users and business customers.

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