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Centrally managed Dr.Web software boasts higher speed and unique detection technologies

May 16, 2012

Doctor Web has updated the Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine to version 7.0 for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, supporting centralized management. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically by solutions with server versions 6.0.3 and 6.0.2. Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine won't be updated if the server version is earlier than 6.0.2.

Increased scanning speed

A significant boost in scanning speed is one of the key new engine advantages that will be appreciated by users. Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine showed a several-fold increase in speed compared with the previous engine when tested on a 3 terabyte test file collection in Doctor Web's anti-virus lab. A four-fold speed boost was demonstrated on test systems similar to present-day desktop computers. The new virus database format and improved object scanning algorithm allowed the engine to achieve such an impressive result.


Another key advantage of the new engine is its dynamic memory allocation that takes into account the overall system performance and current load. The memory is allocated in real time, so scanning and unpacking large files does not slow down other applications. The new engine has also been optimized for multi-core systems.

ScriptHeuristic and other detection technologies

With the new ScriptHeuristic technology, Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine can quickly identify malicious objects in HTML and PDF documents—the most common sources of virus threats. Routines for extraction and analysis of hidden IFRAME have also been introduced. The signature-based scan takes into account JavaScript syntax.

The structure entropy technology implemented in the new anti-virus engine is truly unique and serves as an alternative to the signature-based search. It significantly improves malware detection.

The optimization of the universal extraction technology FLY-CODE, already used in other Dr.Web products, reduces scanning time by nearly one-third. New heuristic analysis algorithms ensure nearly 100% probability for detection of well disguised Trojan horses. An enhancement in Origins Tracing™ allows it to be used to scan DEX-files (Android).

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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