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Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 beta testing launched

May 14, 2012

Doctor Web has released a public beta version of its utility Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0. Dr.Web CureIt! is a popular malicious-software-removal- and system-curing tool combining all the advantages of the alternative commercial products offered by other vendors. The enhanced mode, designed to counter Windows locker programs, and compatibility with other anti-viruses are the key features of this application. This utility incorporates the latest IT security technologies that enable it to neutralize even the most dangerous threats.

Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 is not just another update of the popular product but a brand-new generation of a renowned anti-virus security tool. The seventh version features multi-thread scanning and takes full advantage of multi-core systems. The utility is optimized for use with the latest operating systems, which not only allows the scan speed to be increased, but also makes the user experience more comfortable. The stability has also improved significantly. Now it is virtually impossible for the utility to cause a system failure and bring up a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).


The seventh version of the curing utility also features a revamped user interface. The program also incorporates an anti-rootkit component that has already been used in versions 7.0 of Dr.Web Anti-virus and Dr.Web Security Space. It offers new custom scan options to users: now one can individually perform a memory test, scan boot sectors and start-up objects, etc. The seventh version can block a network connection while scanning and shut down the system upon completion.


The application is also able to scan PCs for BIOS kits. Doctor Web recommends that users scan their computers with the seventh version of the curing utility to make sure no new types of malware hide in their system. If you wish to participate in the beta testing, you can download Dr.Web CureIt! 7.0 beta from the site.

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