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Special project: remove BackDoor.Flashback.39 and learn about first Mac OS X virus outbreak

April 11, 2012

Doctor Web—a Russian anti-virus company—launches a special project to tackle the epidemic of BackDoor.Flashback.39 that runs on Mac OS X machines. Go to the Anti-Flashback and learn how to find and neutralize BackDoor.Flashback.39, how many Macs are infected, and in which countries they are located, see the chronology of the epidemic.

The Anti-Flashback project is intended for all Mac users—for those whose systems have already been compromised by BackDoor.Flashback.39 and for those whose computers may be at risk.

On the project pages you can learn more about the Flashback botnet and, in particular, about the Trojan BackDoor.Flashback.39, see the outbreak geography and the chornology of the epidemic and information on BackDoor.Flashback.39 published in the media. Here you can also find security tips, information about other bot networks, and how software can be covertly downloaded and installed.

Rather than employ special tools provided by other vendors to delete BackDoor.Flashback.39, Doctor Web offers you to make use of the time-tested Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X rated among the top free applications in the Mac App Store. It will easily find and neutralize the Trojan horse and other malicious programs posing threat to your Mac.

You can also use a special web-form on the Anti-Flashback project site to determine whether your Mac is infected with BackDoor.Flashback.39.

Please, don’t miss the FAQ section, where you'll find answers to common questions from Mac owners about  BackDoor.Flashback.39 and its outbreak.

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