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New version of Dr.Web LiveCD with v5.0 anti-virus engine released

February 16, 2009

Doctor Web — the Russian anti-virus vendor — releases a new version of Dr.Web LiveCD featuring the Dr.Web anti-virus engine 5.0.

Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus emergency disk that can restore a system rendered non-bootable by malware. The anti-virus works with server and workstation operating systems both Linux and Windows.

Read more about the Dr.Web LiveCD at our web-site

The new version of Dr.Web LiveCD features the updated anti-virus engine and virus databases Dr.Web 5.0, that significantly improves detection and speed of scanning. This version of Dr.Web LiveCD provides users with the following features:

  • version 5.0 of the scanner for Unix systems with improved functionality is used to scan hard drives and removable data storage devices;
  • the simple GUI-based network configuration manager allows even inexperienced users to establish a connection to the Internet for update of the virus databases in a few seconds;
  • A LiveUSB that can be created with a press of one key provides a user with the same functionality in case a CD drive of an infected machine is not operational for some reason.

The new Dr.Web LiveCD is available for free to all users. Download the LiveCD image from the official web-site of Doctor Web, and from the web-site presenting free Dr.Web anti-virus software.

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