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Updated components of Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows and Dr.Web Security Space released

February 12, 2008

Doctor Web — the Russian anti-virus vendor — updated the Dr.Web GUI Scanner and Dr.Web Updater components of Dr.Web for Windows and Dr.Web Security Space.

The following changes have been done to the scanner that checks RAM, active processes and files:

  • Curing algorithms used to cure certain file viruses have been corrected;
  • The error when the scanner could check all files instead of using the file mask specified by a user has been fixed;

Dr.Web Updater fixes:

  • A download error that occurred when downloading was resumed has been fixed;
  • The mirror update mode download error (the /ua key) has been fixed.

he updated modules are available for automatic downloading on servers of Doctor Web to all registered users of Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows and Dr.Web Security Space

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