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Version 5.0 of Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 released

February 9, 2009 года

Doctor Web — the Russian anti-virus vendor releases the version 5.0 of Dr.Web software for protection of Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 from viruses. Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 integrates with the system and scans all incoming e-mail messages and attached files. In order to make the scanning faster the anti-virus can analyze memory buffer instead of files on hard drives.

It is hard to overestimate importance of an anti-virus protecting a corporate e-mail system from malicious programs that can destroy important information and disrupt stable operation of a company. The Dr.Web plugin integrates with a Microsoft Exchange Server seamlessly and detects malware and spam ensuring efficient management of large amounts of e-mail. E-mails opened by clients get the highest scan priority. A message is scanned by Dr.Web before it is opened by a recipient to prevent possible infection. This combination of features provides high level of security and efficient usage of system resources.

One of the main innovations that have been implemented in the new version of Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server is the improved anti-virus engine featuring cutting-edge Dr.Web technologies. It makes scanning faster and lowers usage of system resources by the anti-virus.

The new version of Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 makes work with quarantined files more efficient. Now all information about quarantined objects is stored in the database of the anti-virus, while the objects are stored as encrypted files on a hard drive.

The usability of the anti-virus has also been improved. Besides, now filters can be created for a list of quarantined objects and for la list of events monitored by Dr.Web.

Errors related to the installation of the plugin and its licensing that occurred in the previous version of the program have been fixed.

Download the new version of Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003

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