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Update of software components of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows released

February 5, 2009

Doctor Web releases an update of software modules of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows. The update fixes several errors and adds new features including improved scan of autorun objects, support of Windows themes and the update speed indicator.

Doctor Web polished up the Dr.Web Scanner GUI and fixed errors that could cause blocking of the interface, stop operation of the scanner upon a disconnection of a removable media or if a malicious program of a certain type was detected in an archive. Scan of autorun objects and their detection and parsing were also improved. Besides, the dialogue system was revised and restructured.

The update optimizes operation of Dr.Web SpiDer Gate included in Dr.Web Security Space and extends the list of supported standard protocols. Display of information in the stats window and abnormal termination of the application were also fixed.

Freezing of Dr.Web SpIDer Mail when its configuration was changed and abnormal termination of SpIDer Mail that occurred when mail was checked during updating of virus databases were fixed.

Work of Dr.Web Updater was corrected as well. Now it can check the list of updating servers stored in the hosts file. If Dr.Web Updater finds an updating server of Doctor Web in the hosts file during updating of virus databases, it will warn a user of a possible viral activity in the system.

The update also provides fixes of several general errors in the operation of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows and adds compatibility of the parental control module with Windows Vista.

The current update is available on all updating servers of Doctor Web and will be downloaded automatically to computers protected by Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows

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