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Doctor Web starts beta-testing of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 5.0

February 10, 2009

Doctor Web — the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software — launches the beta-testing of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 5.0. The anti-virus product features the administrator console and provides comprehensive anti-virus protection for Windows workstations and file servers.

The following changes and improvements have been done to the new version of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite.

Anti-virus engine

The optimization of the anti-virus engine has lowered its use of system resources by thirty percent. Now it provides even more reliable detection and neutralization of viruses in RAM, on hard drives and removable data-storage devices. The anti-rootkit technology has also been modernized. A list of recognized archivers and packers has been expanded.

New modules

  • Web Administration Interface allows an administrator to control operation of anti-virus services from any computer and respond to emerging threats in a timely manner.
  • The self-protection module — Dr.Web SelfPROtect controls access and modification of files, processes, windows and keys of the Windows Registry related to the anti-virus software. The module is installed as a driver that can’t be unloaded or stopped by a user or by any other application.
  • SpIDer Gate™ is an HTTP monitor implemented in the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite agent. It performs anti-virus scan of incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic real-time and blocks access to phishing web-sites and other dangerous Internet resources and allows blocking or granting access to specified web-sites.
  • Office control is the new module of the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite agent that allows an administrator to restrict access to files and folders to maintain integrity of data and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information or its occasional removal. The Office control can also disable access to local resources of a workstation — removable data storage devices, disk drives. An administrator can use the Office control to block access to certain web-sites according a pre-defined filter or create a custom filter.

Other new features and improvements

  • New! A message interface that allows an administrator to send messages to users.
  • Improved! Collection of system information with one click and compression of reports.
  • Improved! Аn administrator can define how server information will be displayed and choose to view user groups arranged by their ID, IP-addresses or names.
  • Improved! Display of graphical information.
  • New! The audit log contains information about all activities of administrators of the anti-virus server.
  • New! Installation and removal of selected components of the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite agent.
  • Improved! Improved support of ODBC and a wider list of supported databases.
  • Improved! The improved load balancing system that distributes input/output tasks between available CPU cores, optimized interaction with a database, support of table clustering and adjustable length of the agent authorization queue optimize operation of the system and reduce server load.
  • Improved! Installation of the database and report system on a separate machine contributes to the higher security of a server.
  • Improved! The optimized scheduler now works faster while new types of jobs for a server provide additional options for their configuration.
  • Improved! The list of supported systems is expanded with FreeBSD 7.1, Fedora Core 10, and other Linux distributions with glibc 2.9.

Two types of the license will be available for the new version of the product: “Dr.Web Enterprise Suite anti-virus” and “Dr.Web Enterprise Suite. Comprehensive protection”.

Doctor Web welcomes every user willing to participate in the beta-testing. Registerto receive access to the beta-testing area of our web-site.

Upon completion of the testing all participants will get a one year license for Dr.Web Security Space free of charge.

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