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Single-User Dr.Web 7.0 products for Windows Updated

February 16, 2012

Doctor Web has updated several components incorporated into single-user Dr.Web 7.0 products for Windows—Dr.Web anti-virus and Dr.Web Security Space. The update provides fixes and improvements for Dr.Web SysInfo, Net filtering service, Dr.Web Updater, Dr.Web SelfPROtect and Dr.Web Anti-rootkit Service.

A Dr.Web Updater error that didn't allow the anti-virus to use a mirror for updating has been fixed.

Dr.Web SysInfo has been improved: to collect more information about the system.

A Net filtering service issue that increased the CPU load dramatically while retrieving and upon receipt of large e-mails has been resolved. In addition, an error when access to the network was blocked for applications using JRE 7 has been fixed.

A Dr.Web SelfPROtect error that might cause abnormal system termination while booting has also been fixed.

An anti-rookit service issue when boot sectors were scanned twice has been resolved.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses but applying the update will require a system reboot.

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