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Dr.Web AV-Desk comes to Kyrgyzstan

June 25, 2008.

Doctor Web, Ltd. – a Russian developer of anti-virus software branded Dr.Web – and Mega-Line, an ISP operating in Bishkek start providing the anti-virus service using Dr.Web AV-Desk.

Dr.Web AV-Desk is an Internet service that allows ISPs to deliver anti-virus protection to an unlimited number of subscribers – both home users and companies. It also provides a mechanism for centralized management of the service delivery. Dr.Web AV-Desk is a robust and efficient tool supplying anti-virus and anti-spam protection to users regardless of their geographical location. Subscribers of Mega-Line will be able to use the service at such a low fee that it will be affordable to users with any living standards.

Aleksey Pisarev, the chief technical officer of Mega-Line comments upon the launch of Dr.Web AV-Desk:
“Spamming and viral attacks are daily concerns of every provider company. One day we felt like we were fed up with viruses and started searching the Internet for a solution. We chose Dr.Web AV-Desk because of its simple installation procedure for a subscriber and its reasonable price. Minimal deployment and maintenance costs also played their part. We were able to launch the service without any significant problems in one week. When the number of connected users reached 500 the amount of spam and viral incidents significantly declined.

“Mega-line is the first Kirgiz company that deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk. Now thousands of users in Bishkek will learn about the service and will make use of the high quality anti-virus. Dr.Web AV-Desk will allow subscribers of Mega-Line to take advantage of virus free Internet surfing" – Valentine Fedotov, the business development manager of Doctor Web, Ltd. comments.

About Mega-Line (Kyrgyzstan)
Mega-line is a telecom company that started delivering the Internet service in 2003 using Ehernet and ADSL 2+. Mega-Line has the largest home user network in Bishkek.

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