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Single-user Dr.Web 6.0 products for Windows updated

January 30, 2012

Doctor Web has updated the file monitor Dr.Web SpIDer Guard G3 in single-user Dr.Web products series 6.0 for Windows.

The update moves the scanning exceptions list from the Scanning Engine service to the Dr.Web SpIDer Guard G3 file monitor driver. As a result, the file monitor handles exceptions itself, without recourse to the scanning service. Thus the update increases the anti-virus's overall performance (particularly, the file monitor's) and lowers its resource consumption.

The update is released for Dr.Web Anti-virus and Dr.Web Security Space, as well as for Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite and Dr.Web Server Security Suite with no centralized control tool.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses, but applying it will require a system reboot.

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